At FLOURISHING Hydrogreens!, our vision is to improve the quality of life for people and the environment by using technology to do what was previously unimaginable: grow Grade 1 fresh vegetables all year round. We believe in preserving our natural resources by using hydroponics technology to provide you with the freshest, tastiest locally grown produce.


It uses only 2% of the water compared to field-grown crops. Since it is soil free farming, it helps in avoiding top soil erosion.


We do not rely on the weather, allowing us to provide you with fresh produce all year round. Also we grow within city limits, harvesting when it is perfectly ripe just before it is delivered to your local supermarket, restaurant or doorstep, preserving the best flavors and nutrients for you.


It generates an average higher crop yield per square meter as compared to the traditional open-field farming.


We use Solar energy reducing the carbon footprint of your vegetables. Also since we are local, transportation is reduced.


Each plant gets the same amount of water and nutrients, meaning every fruit and vegetable grown is consistent in size, smell, and flavor.


Since food is grown in a controlled environment, minimal use of pesticides is required, if at all. In essence, you get residue-free food that’s good for you


The mankind has been faced with issues like population explosion causing space crunch, extreme water shortage, global warming, etc. This has created a pressure to produce more in a shorter time span leading to overuse of fertilizers and pesticides. At FLOURISHING Hydrogreens, we believe that the problems faced by Indian agriculture need to be solved by unconventional solutions. We offer those solutions.

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